Sunday, June 22, 2008

In my meditation this morning, I asked myself where did I want my career to go. Which made me laugh, as I hardly have any kind of a career. I thought let’s not use the word career, lets use the word creative instead. I thought about using my creative skills. I didn’t get any concrete ideas about anything. Yet it made me much happier to think in terms of creative rather than "work". A few hours later I had a call, with an offer of a job, and the possibility of more work using as he said my skills.

Later when I was siting at the window looking at the green leaves, I drifted out of my idea of myself, and I thought about how quickly my meditation had manifested in my life. This certainty washed over me, that I could create anything I wished. That I just had to think about it, and there it would be. It was an empowering and scary moment. One which I have had many times before especially after something manifests quickly. Yet still something stops me from doing it all the time! Go figure.